Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Back in the game...sort of

So I thought I would try to keep on top of this blog, its harder now I'm not at uni probably because the conversation of design blogs that me and my housemates regularly had is not something that my family indulge in too often, therefore not reminding me that I still should do this.

I recently got commissioned on a branding brief for a sports facility called "The Green"

People have always said that designing in the real world is different to the Uni (do what you want) style, and I was well aware of this when I approached this task. Some designers say that they find themselves knocking out really crude logos and and branding for some clients because thats what the client wants. I actually think this is a pretty lazy way of thinking, I think that if anything designers should be able to come up with a solution that the client is happy with and that meets their requirements, tacky or not.

I'll post it in my next post.

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