Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Creative Meaning

Here are a series of posters I designed for a project named 'Creative Meaning'. We were asked to choose an everyday object, place, environment of some sort and develop a research based piece on it.
I chose a Sofa called the 'Klippan', purchased from Ikea and the traditional origin of this sofa was 
Sweden, so many things from Ikea are obviously. 

This brief focused on deep research and development, almost as much as the final outcome. Me being very keen on print design, I was leaning towards a primarily print based outcome through the development stages but I decided to design for both print and time based. Story-boarding not being one of my natural strengths, but looking back I'm actually really happy with how it turned out. 

Another feature of the brief was to select certain aspects of our chosen object and communicate them through our design. I tried to look at the less obvious qualities of my object. 

Speech - I recorded flow of speech and movement of conversation with a Dictaphone, whilst creating a diagram of movement at the same time.

Effect of Use - recording crease change in the leather material after individuals had used the sofa.

Usage - Who used it, What they used it for, How long for

Posture - The difference in posture in connection with the time of day.

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