Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Les Drawing Board

So i recently got back from an intense week snowboarding in Tignes. Over the week I found myself constantly drawn to different aspects of design, probably due to the millions of snowboards and skiing on display. I also managed to pick up a the most recent issue of 'Whitelines' snowboarding magazine which featured an up and coming illustrator that was commissioned to design a new snowboard for DC.

His illustrative style of the DC practicing facility 'DC Lab' really catches the essence of the snowboarding community and creates a aesthetic design that fits in with DC's brand.

After returning home I couldn't really get the idea of design for snowboards out of my mind, designing for something you love and you know about sounds to me to be one of the most perfect careers a designer could possibly ask for. Maybe this is a pipe dream but its one thing that I will certainly be striving for in the future.


Andrew primarily works as a illustrator, but over all snowboard/ski design involves every type of design out there. Looks like getting back to the drawing board or at least to the sketch book could benefit me in this career search.

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